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Angel, Baby, Body, Book, Bread, Build, Charge, Chief, Child, Christ, Church, Clean, Clothes, Cloud,

Coast, Concern, Corn, Counsel, Country, Court, Cry, Disease, Door, Ear, Earth, Eat, Eye, Face,

Faith, Fear, Feet, Field, Find, Fire, Food, Foot, Fort, Found, Fruit, Gate, Give, God,

Gold, Hair, Hand, Head, Heart, Heat, Heaven, Help, Hill, Holy, Horse, House, Israel, Jesus,

John, Jordan, Keep, King, Knowledge, Land, Law, Life, Lift, Light, Live, Living, Look, Love,

Meat, Mind, Money, Morning, Mountain, Mouth, Name, Night, Noise, Offering, Office, Oil, Peace, Peter,

Plain, Plant, Port, Power, Present, Prince, Read, Receive, Remember, Rest, Rich, River, Rock, Saw,

Sea, Seed, Seek, Serve, Service, Sheep, Show, Sign, Silver, Sing, Skin, Sound, Speak, Spirit,

Stand, Stone, Strange, Strength, Stretch, Sun, Sweet, Table, Teach, Tent, Test, Thank, Thing, Thought,

Time, Touch, Tree, Tribe, Trouble, Trust, Truth, Understand, Valley, Voice, Walk, Wall, Water, Wild,

Wind, Wisdom, Wise, Wood, Work, World, Worship,

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